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Titus 3:5-6

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit,

Be Kind

Christ showed His love for us by willingly sacrificing His own life so that we might have eternal life: “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).
We, as Christ’s followers, are challenged to share His love with kind words on our lips and praise in our hearts.
Just as Christ has been and will always be the ultimate friend to us, so should we be Christ like in the kindness and generosity that we show toward others, especially those who are most in need.
When we walk each day with Jesus and obey the commandments found in God’s Holy Word, we become worthy ambassadors for Christ. When we share the love of Christ, we share a priceless gift with the world. As His servant, we must do no less.
Lord, sometimes this world can become a place of busyness, frustration, and confusion. Slow me down, Lord, that I might see the needs of those around me. Today, help me show mercy to those in need. Today, let me spread kind words of thanksgiving and celebration in honor of Your Son. Today, let forgiveness rule my heart. And every day, Lord, let my love for Christ be reflected through deeds of kindness for those who need Your  healing touch.
I Jesus name I pray
And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all.
1 Thessalonians 3:12
A kind man benefits himself, but a cruel man brings disaster on himself.
Proverbs 11:17

Prayer of Salvation

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that who so ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

 I say to you my brothers and sisters. The lord loves you in every way possible a person can be loved. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, so we may have eternal life.

He is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, He is your strength, He is your Guidance, He is your answer when you are troubled, He is your rock, He is your fortress, He is your shield, He is your provider, He is your healer. He will never let you down. He is who he says he is.

If you believe, I ask that you say this prayer with me. 

Dear Lord. I come to you this day, As humbly as I can. Asking you to come into my heart. Forgive me for all my sins. Bless me with a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me. Make me whole, Transform me to the person you want me to be. For, I believe, you sent your son to die on the cross for my sins. I believe in You. You said you are the way, the truth, and the light. No man cometh to the father but by me. Please accept me, forgive me, because you are my everything. 

In Jesus name I pray 


I Now Release the Spirit of God into Your Lives……..Be Blessed

Actions in our beliefs in Christ

We must do our best to make sure that our actions are accurate reflections of our beliefs in Christ. We must demonstrate, not only by our words but, more importantly, by our actions.
In short, we should be women that are quick to act upon the beliefs in Christ  that we hold most dear. We may proclaim our beliefs to our hearts content, but our proclamations will mean nothing to others or to ourselves unless we accompany our words with deeds that match.
The sermons that we live are far more compelling than the ones we preach. Like it or not, your life is a accurate reflection of your creed. If this fact gives you cause for concern, don’t bother talking about the changes that you intend to make; just make them. Now.
Dear Heavenly Father, I believe in You, and I believe in Your Word. Help me to live in such a way that my actions validate my beliefs in You. And let the glory be Yours forever.
In Jesus name I pray
You love Him, through you have not seen Him. And though not seeing Him now, you believe in Him and rejoice with inexpressible and glorious joy, because you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your soul.
1 Peter 1:8-9

The Old You

Think, for a moment, about the “old” you, the person you were before you invited Christ to reign over your heart. Now, think about the “new” you, the person you have become since then. Is there a difference between the “old” you and the “new and improved” version?
There should be! And that difference should be noticeable not only to you but also to others. The bible clearly teaches that when we welcome Christ into our hearts, we become new creations through Him.
Our challenge, of course, is to behave ourselves like new creations. When we do, God fills our hearts, He blesses the things we do, and transforms our lives….forever.
If you are God’s child, you are no longer bound to your past or to what you were. You are a brand new creature in Christ Jesus.
Lord, when I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, You changed me forever and made me whole. Let me share Your son’s message with my friends, with my family, and with the world. Your are a God of love, redemption, conversion, and salvation. I will praise You today and forever. Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy.
In Jesus name I pray
For you died when Christ died, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. And when Christ, who is your real life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory.
Colossians 3:3-4