Actions in our beliefs in Christ

We must do our best to make sure that our actions are accurate reflections of our beliefs in Christ. We must demonstrate, not only by our words but, more importantly, by our actions.
In short, we should be women that are quick to act upon the beliefs in Christ  that we hold most dear. We may proclaim our beliefs to our hearts content, but our proclamations will mean nothing to others or to ourselves unless we accompany our words with deeds that match.
The sermons that we live are far more compelling than the ones we preach. Like it or not, your life is a accurate reflection of your creed. If this fact gives you cause for concern, don’t bother talking about the changes that you intend to make; just make them. Now.
Dear Heavenly Father, I believe in You, and I believe in Your Word. Help me to live in such a way that my actions validate my beliefs in You. And let the glory be Yours forever.
In Jesus name I pray
You love Him, through you have not seen Him. And though not seeing Him now, you believe in Him and rejoice with inexpressible and glorious joy, because you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your soul.
1 Peter 1:8-9

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