Let God be in Control

Who’s in charge of your life? It’s a great question. And If you desire to be a woman of God, it’s one you need to be asking. Who is in charge, and who is leading the way in you life.? God is. And because He’s in control, you can face each day with His power and love. If you get tossed around today and some hard knocks come your way, turn them over to God. If you’re struggling with a decision, bring it before God. If you’ve been hurt by others, admit your pain and trust God fully. And never seek revenge, no matter what. That impulse comes when we think others are in control. Psalm 147:5 declares, “Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite,” God is in control!
So, today light a candle. Draw the blinds. Turn off the television. Take a seat. Introduce yourself to silence. It can be uncomfortable at first. Even later on. But without it, your heart has no space to find God. The noises that create a constant soundtrack to your life need to be quieted once in awhile.
In the silence, your long-neglected worries, praises, hopes, and truths will rise up and be offered to the Lord.
Dear Lord, I trust that You are in control. I’m so grateful that I can give every situation, need, trouble, and hope to You. When I’m tempted to take charge, help me release my hold on things so that I can live in Your power and will. Lord, resting in your peace eases my soul. The endless questions and doubts stop midflight. My shoulders relax; they no longer have to bear all the burdens of my world. My heart calms; it no longer has to keep up with my unrealistic pace. Thank you Father for your grace and mercy. I praise you in every way.
In Jesus name I pray
Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will  come to you. Accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in you heart.
Job 22:21-22
The Lord give strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.
Psalm 29:11

2 thoughts on “Let God be in Control

  1. thank you for this site. I am sitting with a troubled heart trying to spiritually build myself up. I came across this site and want to say thank you!

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