Let God be Your Security Blanket

Hand it over. I know you have one, an adult version of a blankie. No? Take a look at what you reach for every time you need a sense of security. When things spin out of control, what comforts you? There are many security blankets that clutter our existence, even as rational adults: food, work, sex, TV, computer games, emails, material possessions, shopping for those possessions, lashing out at others, alcohol,  and so on.

Our temporal options feel good initially, but as is the nature of things of the world…..they become old, ineffective substitutions for God’s peace. When you need assurance, comfort, and an anchor to purpose, reach for the blanket of God’s grace and security.

 I talk to God about the hidden part of  my soul, the darkest corner of my fear, and the brightest spark of my hope. But now and then I’ll start with small talk, like we’ve just met. I’ll stammer a bit, discuss the weather, or what I’m going to do tomorrow. Then God gives me his peace. He reassures me that anything I say is important to him.

 And just like that, I move from shallow conversation to the deep waters of soulful prayer. I can barely contain myself, because I want him to know all of me, and I want to know all of him. God is with you, and he’s nodding, smiling, and waiting; not to be entertained by you but to be trusted and known.

 Dear Lord, I don’t wanna let go! This security blanket has seen me through trails in my work and my relationships. It was with me when I had an identity crisis. But I know it’s time to relinquish my hold….It will never be a substitute for assurance in and of you. God, I’m here with the good and the bad. I want to get personal and real and intimate with you. You picked the colors of my soul. You know me when I am scared to know myself. Thank you Father, for your love, grace, kindness, and mercy. I will trust in you.

 In Jesus name I pray


 You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trust in you.

Isaiah 26:3

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