Your Work is Valuable

It doesn’t matter if your work is recognized by the whole world or only God sees it. It doesn’t matter if you are getting paid big buck or receiving no financial compensation whatsoever. Your work is valuable. And your want it to be blessed by God. 

Whatever work we do, we want to do it well and be successful. When our work is good, it gives us fulfillment. When we accomplish something worthwhile that makes life better for other people, our families, or ourselves, it gives us satisfaction. 

Pray that your work is recognized and appreciated by others. Pray to receive promotions and advancements in line with God’s will. Say, “Lord, I would like to have that promotion and that raise if it’s Your will for my life.” As you pray that way and commit your work to the Lord, He will bless it. 

Lord, I pray You would show me what work I am supposed to be doing. If it is something I am to do in addition to what I am already doing, show me that too. Lord, whatever it is You have called me to do, both now and in the future, I pray You will give me the strength and energy to get it done well. Enable me to do what I do successfully. May I find great fulfillment and satisfaction in every aspect of it, even the most difficult and unpleasant parts. Lord, I thank you for the abilities You have given me. Where I am lacking in skill, help me to grow and improve so that I do my work well. Teach me to excel so that the result of what I do will be pleasing to others. I commit my work to You, Lord, knowing You will establish it. May it always be that I love the work I do and be able to do the work I love. 

In Jesus name I pray 


And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us; yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 90:17

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