Live like Christ

Lord, I am desperately aware of how much I need Your power to transform me and my circumstances.  You paid a price for me so that I could be owned by You. You planned out a course for my life so that I could be defined by You. Help me to live like it.


*Walk in humility, righteousness,  holiness, and love.

Be blessed

God’s Will

We don’t want to be men and women of God who hear the truth but seldom act in faith to appropriate it for our lives. We don’t want to be forever grappling with doubt, fear, insecurity,  and uncertainty.  We want to live on purpose and with purpose. 

Lord let your WILL be done!!!

Decree and Declare:
– God affirms the work that I do and prospers all I set my hands to.
– My life reflects God’s glory.
– Joy, peace,  prosperity,  and success are abundantly apparent in my life
– My family and friends are blessed with all good things..
Thank you Lord!!!

Be Blessed